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New efficiency for the Indian logistics sector

Jan 21, 2018
Ajit Venkatesh from Globe Moving in Bangalore, India has started a new company: Mera Transport Exchange Pvt. Ltd.

The company aims to bring organisation through technology to the Indian transport sector that is notoriously unorganised.  

The company is split into two divisions: one which handles intercity transportation (full truck load only) for corporate customers for moving their finished goods from their factories to their distributors; the other develops software and apps for the transport industry.  “We develop apps for all the stake holders in the transportation industry such as drivers and vendors; rates are taken using apps, the orders are fulfilled using apps,” Ajit explained. “The orders are managed using the Order Management Software, etc. Once we have enough data, we will use the data for analytics and prediction. This will bring with it greater efficiency, cost reduction and better utilisation of vehicles.  We are also working on systems for the moving industry.” 

The company was the brainchild of Ajit and his business partner at Globe, Roopa Venkat. “We were debating this idea for some time and exploring the potential of the business,” explained Ajit.  “The scale, potential and efficiency that could be reached with app technology was trigger enough. That was around the same time Sanjai (Sanjai Kumar) and Hari Sharma were also looking at entrepreneurship. They liked the idea and we decided to start Mera Transport.” 

The team had realised that timely delivery, efficiency and transparency were very important.  The Mera Transport platform connects all stakeholders in the trucking business on both demand and supply sides.  

The response from users has been positive and encouraging,” said Roopa.  “Seeing the acceptance and ease with which truckers, drivers and brokers were adapting technology has reinforced our belief that the otherwise disorganised market is ready for tech intervention.”  



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