Mondial Movers launches Gobuzzsurvey in The Netherlands

Mar 25 | 2018

Mondial Movers has become the first moving company in The Netherlands to sign a contract with video survey app Gobuzzsurvey

The app enables moving companies to conduct video surveys in a customer-friendly matter without leaving the office.

Mondial Movers is a well-known moving company in The Netherlands with 27 branches working both nationally and worldwide. Their slogan is ‘the friendly mover’ and all the depots are led by people with many years of experience in the industry.

Always keen to stay abreast of the latest technological developments, a delegation visited The Movers & Storers Show in Leicestershire last year and were impressed by the technology they saw on the Gobuzzsurvey stand.

The video survey app is very easy to work with. A surveyor sends a link to the customer via e-mail or text message, through which the customer can download the app (in the App Store or Google Play Store). At a pre-arranged date and time, the surveyor contacts the customer using the app. The customer is asked to walk around each room of the house, showing the items that need to be moved using a smartphone camera. At the end of the survey the surveyor can play back the video, determine the volume, and fill out a report. If necessary the customer can forward additional photos later using the app, should anything have been forgotten. The moving company is then able to send an accurate quotation to the customer based on the details from the video survey.

Menno Martens works for Gobuzzsurvey and has been using this online tool in the UK for some time. “Customers really appreciate this service, especially because it’s available in the evening and during weekends. The app is also very user-friendly.”

Tom Stuij, CEO of Mondial Movers, is very excited about the collaboration with Gobuzzsurvey. “This video survey tool is an excellent addition to our existing services,” he said.

Photo: (left to right): Tom Stuij, CEO Mondial Movers; Menno Martens,Gobuzzsurvey.