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BOONMA donates to Thailand female homeless shelter

Apr 23, 2018
On February 10, 2018 at Phathum Thani, Thailand, BOONMA Group of Companies led by Mr Chaivudhi Punthong, the managing director, along with 35 staff, organised a corporate social responsibility trip to Phathum Thani, a rural area outside Bangkok.


The group has kicked off the 1st corporate social responsibility by hosting a full lunch and donating dry food, kitchenware, household items, cleaning materials and clothes for the use of the 480 women living in the Thanyaburi Housing & Homeless Shelter.

The Thanyaburi Housing & Homeless Shelter was started by the Thanyaburi Office of Social Welfare Services Ministry of Social Development under the Beggars Control Act of 1941, which had both male and female recipients. Because of the increased number of service recipients, they established a separate shelter for women on February 22, 1988. The purpose is to provide relief and development for beggars who are over 18 years old, without any parents or foster parents and have been found guilty of misconduct under the Beggars Control Act. 

"Our management has highlighted the need for our group of companies to focus on creating meaningful long-term impacts for corporate social purpose,” said Tiddy S Teerawit, Executive Director, BOONMA Group of Companies. “The management always encourages our staff to understand the links between business operations and society, and the key role they should play in creating a world that is liveable and sustainable for future generations.”

BOONMA management and staff at the Thanyaburi Housing & Homeless Shelter

Photo:  The BOONMA management and staff at the Thanyaburi Housing & Homeless Shelter.

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