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Continuing the Naylor dynasty in Canada

Sep 22, 2018
They say that if a family company gets past its third generation, it will last forever. The principle is that the second generation follows father and is under his watchful eye, but the grandchildren do what they do by choice.


Tippet Richardson in Canada has passed that milestone, with generation four of the Naylor family bringing in new ideas to keep the company fresh for the future.Kurtis Naylor, Mackenzie Naylor & Jonathan Naylor

The company was established in 1927 in Toronto by Basil Tippet and CA Richardson. Mr Tippet became sole owner in 1934. Russell Naylor started with the firm in 1927 as operations manager and in 1944 bought into the firm with his brother Walter. The Naylor lineage in varying sectors and ownership of the original firm has remained to date.

Bruce Naylor and his brother Peter Naylor followed in the steps of Russell. Brenda, daughter of Peter Naylor, and his sons Kevin, Scott and Mark are actively managing areas of the time-honoured firm in Canada today. Now the fourth generation is on the ascendancy: Kurtis Naylor, sister Mackenzie and brother Jonathan. 

All members of the Naylor family have worked from entrance level to their current position. It may appear one is born into a preferred position when it is a family firm but most often this is not the case in successful companies. To reach the goals of client appreciation, to be cost efficient and to make a career effective and positive, all employees, including the Naylors, are trained from entrance level to reach the position of their choice and ability.

Kurtis and Jon work in front line production, from actual moving to negotiating with local government on security matters. They supervise the crews, assist in hiring, work with dispatch and carry responsibility for the full service provided once a move is booked. It is not uncommon to find them heading out west on a truck as part of the crew and then giving a talk at the local secondary school in Toronto later in the week about potential career opportunities in the moving industry. Mac is in the office working with export sales and processing and has a major relocation role. Ron Waddling, Director International Agent Relations for Tippet-Richardson, said she has the potential to become a senior decision-making executive with the firm.  “She’s a super communicator,” he said.

Peter Naylor

In 2018 it was announced that Tippet Richardson is owned across Canada in its entirety by the original thread of the Naylor family. This fourth generation will continue the dynasty.

Peter Naylor died on 16 August, 2018 following a short illness.  He was 84.  The Mover will publish an obituary next month. 


Photo:  Kurtis Naylor, Mackenzie Naylor and Jonathan Naylor

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