Life begins at 60

Jul 15 | 2019

It’s not often that a member of the moving fraternity writes an autobiography, but that’s exactly what Murugesu Tharmarajah from Kelly’s Express in Jakarta has done. It’s entitled Life begins at 60 with the sub-title Still young at 75, why?

Life Begins At 60
It’s not a tome, just a 90-page ramble through Rajah’s life from boyhood in Jaffna in Sri Lanka, through education in the UK, his beginnings in the shipping industry, marriages, children and of course, moving.  We all meet people at conference and think that we know who they are but, when you find out the full story, you realise that people are infinitely more complex and interesting than you could have imagined. 

It’s said that the trouble with a biography is that the truth is never fit to print.  Yet Rajah’s book is brave and honest and shines a little light, if only flickering, on some of his darker secrets.  Definitely worth a read.  To get your own copy contact Rajah direct

Photo:  Life begins at 60