The Penuik Challenge is off and running

Jul 25 | 2019

Last month we told of the launch of the Penuik Challenge, a new initiative from Walt Penuik from Canada who is hoping to influence members of the moving community to stretch themselves a little. As with all new things, it’s work in progress so Walt has asked The Mover to pass on the latest information.

Walt PenuikThe plan is to encourage people to do something for themselves, something perhaps that they have been promising they would do but, well, just haven’t got around to it.  Walt will give them some encouragement and, if they donate the equivalent of $25 to charity, will send them a special Penuik Challenge wrist band; for a donation of over $50 they will get a T-shirt.

“There will be no participation fee,” said Walt.  “It’s about people challenging themselves to go try whatever they have wanted to do but have not taken the step.  So, for example if you are a salesperson and struggle with cold calls, make a goal of making two to three cold calls a day for the next 30 days.  Then go out and do it.  If you have wanted to better yourself, then your goal may be to buy a self development book and read it for 30 minutes a day.”

Following the article last month, Walt says people have already started signing up to challenge themselves. So, what have you been putting off?  Learning a new language, joining the gym, walking the dog more, reading Shakespeare, learning the guitar …? Whatever it is, join the Penuik Challenge, get a little inspiration from Walt, help support good causes and make the world a slightly better place.  What’s not to like?

To join contact Walt Penuik on

Photo:  Walt Penuik