Reason Global appointed as Lloyd’s of London broker

Sep 07 | 2012

Reason Global has become the first insurance broker dedicated to the removals and self storage industries to be accepted as an official Lloyd’s of London broker.

This prestigious appointment means Reason Global is one of just 180 brokers across the globe to have direct access to the world-renowned underwriting expertise within Lloyd’s.

The famous Lloyd’s brand not only offers strength and security for customers, but also global reach as Lloyd’s accepts business from over 200 countries and territories worldwide. Yet whilst Lloyd’s is now the world’s largest insurance market, it started out in the more modest surroundings of Edward Lloyd’s coffee house in the 17th century. As London's importance as a trade centre at that time led to increasing demand for ship and cargo insurance, Lloyd’s coffee house became recognised as the place for obtaining marine insurance – and it’s still the world’s leading market.

Commenting on the appointment, Dave Raynor, Managing Director at Reason Global, said: “The Lloyd’s name really does sell itself and we’re delighted to be the first in our highly specialised industry to offer these types of services to our customers, both in the UK and overseas.”

“With our continued success over recent years, we felt the drive to become a Lloyd’s broker was the next logical step, particularly as we already have team members with a great deal of experience of working within the Lloyd’s marketplace.”

“Now, not only will direct access to the Lloyd’s marketplace give us greater ability to place global risks, but it will also provide our customers with access to a broader range of underwriters to suit their specific needs and requirements. Whilst we’ll maintain excellent relationships with our existing panel of insurers, we believe the new relationships we’re building with Lloyd’s insurers will offer greater choice and even more competitive policies for our customers.”

Reason Global underwent a rigorous selection process to become Lloyd’s brokers, with auditors assessing suitability, regulatory compliance, reputation and financial standing. Business at Lloyd’s is still conducted face-to-face in the market’s famous Underwriting Room, enabling immediate access to decision-makers and innovation, speed and better value solutions for customers.

Photo: The Lloyds of London building in London.