UTA launches toll processing in Bulgaria for all vehicle categories

Jun 24 | 2020

European fuel and service card provider UTA has added Bulgaria to its toll service portfolio.

The UTA Full Service CardThe UTA Full Service Card is accepted for e-vignettes for vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes and route tickets for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes. Both products can be obtained at local sales stations, at terminals, online and via mobile app. Payment is made by presenting the UTA Full Service Card or entering card data.

Carsten Bettermann, CEO of UTA said, "With the addition of Bulgaria to our portfolio, UTA now offers toll services in twenty-six European countries. With the continued expansion of our mobility service footprint, we’re now at our customers' side in more places than ever before.”

Gabriel Moulènes, Director Sales and Marketing at UTA added, “UTA cards provide convenient toll processing, saving our customers significant time and effort.  I’m pleased we can now offer this service in Bulgaria, which is an important transit country for European drivers.”

In Bulgaria there is a toll requirement for all vehicles on motorways and roads of the first category. While light vehicles must be equipped with time-related, electronic vignettes, a route-related toll system applies to heavy vehicles and buses. Users choose between automatic toll payment using a toll device or manual processing through a route booking. The tariff amount for heavy vehicles depends on the road category, number of axles and emission class of the vehicle.