The Mover’s shiny new website goes live! By David Jordan, The Mover’s Deputy Editor.

Aug 20 | 2020

It’s taken many weeks of hard work, but our all-new website finally went live on 7 July.

The Mover's new website has gone liveThe site has been completely redesigned to give it a fresh new look and make it even easier to navigate.  While our monthly online magazine The Mover still remains our flagship publication, our website gives us the ability to bring you breaking industry news from around the world the moment it arrives in our inbox, so there’s no better way of keeping up-to-date with what’s happening in the international moving business.

We know many of you visit the website on mobile devices, so our tech gurus have incorporated the latest technology to make the site Device Responsive, meaning that it’s easy to view on any phone or tablet – that’s something our previous ten-year-old version really struggled to do.

As the world’s only truly independent magazine for the international moving industry, The Mover relies entirely on its advertising revenue to fund its operations and already has the broadest reach of any publication.  Our new website has been designed to give our advertisers even more global exposure, with the MarketPlace section now being feature on the site as well as in the magazine, and all display advertisers having their logo displayed, along with a free link to their website.

These are just a few of the changes we’ve made - there are many others - including easier access to all our back issues, the ability to enter the popular White & Co Mystery Mover competition online, and a super-quick way to get our monthly e-newsletter sent straight to your inbox.

Go the new website to see what we’ve been up to – we’d love to get your feedback.


Do you need to clear your cache?

If you try to view The Mover’s new website and the old one comes up with everything frozen in time, you need to clear your cache.

Exactly how this is done will depend on your browser, but in general you’ll need to go to settings and take it from there.

If like me, you’re not that technical, grab the nearest teenager and ask them to give you a hand.  It’ll probably take them about 15 seconds!