Making self storage work in Asia

Nov 09 | 2020

Asia is a burgeoning market for the self storage industry with a population of over 4.6 billion people, many of whom are still to be awakened to the concept of self storage. Not surprisingly the region has been called the ‘Sleeping Giant’ by many industry pundits keen to tap into this potentially gigantic market.

Andrew WorkIn 2014, industry legend Jon Perrins - a founding father of the Australian SSAA, SSAUK and European association, FEDESSA, - was the prime mover to launch a new business association, Self Storage Association Asia (SSAA). Based in Hong Kong, it has the aim of promoting the concept of self storage in the region and to support operators, investors and suppliers to the industry.

Canadian Andrew Work (right) took over from Luigi La Tona as executive director in 2019 ...

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