Mover Editor Steve Jordan asks, "Where do we go from here?"

Nov 09 | 2020

Steve Jordan speculates on what movers could do in the future as traditional markets change and makes a plea for more creative thinking.

Where do we go from here?The temptation, in all walks of life, is to assume that everything will stay as it is today.  But it never does.  The way in which the pandemic has affected our industry in the last six months got me to thinking how things might or could change in the future as companies find ways of reusing their resources and skills to replace business that may well have evaporated forever.

My children are all grown up now and some have children of their own. But I do remember those days when they were younger.  The joy and anticipation of Christmas morning, their extraordinary ability to make friends out of strangers in seconds, the strain of sleepless nights and the anxiety of home-time deadlines missed.  I also remember being completely unable to imagine a time when anything would be different, despite seeing the changes every day.

I also remember having a short time away from the moving industry when my life took a different direction in the early 1990s.  For me, moving had become boring and I could see nothing to maintain my interest.  When I returned to it only a few years later, the changes were amplified and I realised then that nothing stands still.  Right now, as has been written many times in these pages, Covid-19 has accelerated that rate of change.  Now it’s clear for all to see ...

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