Creating a new family for John Mason

Apr 06 | 2021

Steve Jordan interviews Simon Hood who has just bought John Mason International from the family that has owned and run the business for 137 years.

Simon HoodIt was way back in 1884 when Mary Mason founded John Mason Coal Merchant and Removal Contractor at 85 High Street in Wavertree, Liverpool.  The company has since then remained a family business, through 15 decades and five generations, until now.   Now the company starts a new phase, with a new owner and new ambition.

Simon Hood joined the company six years ago as its head of marketing. He subsequently took on additional responsibility for HR and became a member of the Board.  His background is exclusively in marketing having previously worked with HCR, a destination service provider in Basingstoke.

He explained that the opportunity to buy into the company first emerged two years ago with the potential for a management buyout ...

Photo: Simon Hood

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