IAM: The big issues

Sep 03 | 2021

As IAM (International Association of Movers) runs up to its second COVID-affected annual conference, Steve Jordan talks to Brian Limperopulos, the organisation’s vice president, about the plans for the event and the key issues in the industry today.

Brian LimperopulosIAM in Orlando is definitely going ahead this October.  IAM will also be running a virtual event for the benefit of those members for whom travel to the US, amid COVID restrictions, is impractical or impossible. The big question the organisation has had to wrestle with is how many people will make the trip and how many will join in online?

“It’s hard to say how many people will come in person,” explained Brian. “We were budgeting for around 800, but infection rates are going up quickly in some places and down in others. This virus has a surprise around every corner.”

Difficult it may be to estimate the attendance, but IAM is working hard to make sure that everyone has a good experience however they choose to attend. “It’s hard to provide value if people don’t get to see their friends and business partners,” said Brian.  “So we are committed to bringing the industry together once a year to help connect members with people that have the business.” ...

Photo: Brian Limperopulos.

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