Verhuizingen Meys becomes part of the Gosselin Group

Nov 19 | 2021

Marc Smet, CEO of Gosselin Group and Erik Meys, CEO of Verhuizingen Meys, have reached an agreement in principle for the acquisition of Belgium-based Verhuizingen Meys and Meys Vastgoed by the Gosselin Group.

Marc Smet, CEO of Gosselin GroupThe employees and assets of the company will be acquired by Gosselin and will fall under the Gosselin Group’s international moves division.

Marc Smet said, “The acquisition of Meys’ activities will be an important addition to our portfolio of services. Meys will become our expert for national moves and will represent a significant supplement for our self storage division. Verhuizingen Meys concentrates on full-service moves and has earned its spurs in this area thanks to the high quality of the professional services they offer. We are incredibly pleased with this acquisition.”

Commenting on the deal, Eric Meys said, “For us, it’s essential that the activities and the client base we have built will continue to be served by a player operating at the same level. Gosselin’s international experience, its rich history and proven track record gives us certainty that our people, assets and clients will be in good hands, and that continuity will be guaranteed.”

Erik and Patrick Meys

Gosselin Group is headquartered in Deurne, Belgium and currently employs more than 800 people with sales of over €300 million per annum.

Photos:  Marc Smet (top); Eric and Patrick Meys.