The future of global mobility

Jan 07 | 2022

The core member’s meeting at IAM in October looked at the future of global mobility and relocation. The panel discussion, moderated by Ben Cross (GLOMO), featured Susan Benevides (Plus Relocation), Bill Graebel (Graebel Relocation Services), Bob Olmsted (BGRS) and Peggy Smith (National Corporate Housing).

Core Members Panel  Ben kicked off the conversation by asking what lessons had been learned over the last 12 months. Bill Graebel said that we had all learned to be more agile. He said that the difficulties had shown the power of a positive human spirit. Susan Benevides said that the value of transparency had been important and learning to admit when you had made a bad decision. Peggy Smith thought that the crisis had brought people to a similar level, irrespective of status, which had created a more empathetic dialogue between teams, individuals and leadership. “I hope that we don’t lose that authenticity,” she said. Whereas Bob Olmsted said he had been impressed with the way frontline staff had navigated their way through different ways of working, and questions they had never addressed before, while working from home and meeting their families’ needs. “The resilience of people just blew me away,” he said.

So, how will this new knowledge and experience change the way things will be done in the future? ...

Photo: The Core Members Panel.

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