DASA International Movers appoints new general manager

Jan 12 | 2022

Dubai-based DASA International Movers has announced the appointment of Stefania Sierra as general manager.

Stefania Sierra Stefania takes over the role from former Managing Director, Simone Percy, who has now left the company.

“I have been with DASA for over four years as head of operations, so this is an expansion of my previous role,” said Stefania. “Before joining DASA I spent 10 years with Crown in Dublin, Venice and Dubai. I am delighted to take over the GM role, but of course I will miss seeing Simone in the office. The last year has been challenging for everyone, not just in our industry, but we are very lucky in DASA to have such an experienced team, able to wear different hats and always happy to help each other.”

DASA was first established in Abu Dhabi in 1979 and has since grown exponentially to meet the demands of its clients in the United Arab Emirates and internationally. In 1994 the company opened a branch in Dubai where its headquarters are currently located. 

Photo: Stefania Sierra.