Two new trucks for In-Excess Removals

Apr 23 | 2022

Hertfordshire-based In-Excess Removals has recently purchased two new vehicles in preparation for the company’s expansion into European moves and to meet increasingly stringent emission regulations.

In-Excess new DAF road train

A five-container Mercedes supplied by Mac’s Trucks in Huddersfield at the end of 2021 was joined by a DAF road train built by Norfolk-based Vancraft in April.

Operations Manager Lee Winter explained, “The new vehicles represent a massive investment for us, but we need to continually upgrade our fleet to keep in line with LEZ and ULEZ rules. Long term we plan to expand our work from national to international (European) moves and these trucks are perfect to do just that. The DAF truck and trailer holds an impressive 3,500 cbft, so there is plenty of space. We also purchased vehicle loading ramps from Vancraft to accommodate a smaller tranship vehicle if required, which nicely fits inside the trailer to save on drivers.”

Road train can accomodate a tranship van when required

In-Excess Removals is owned by Steve Yates and has been operating since 1996. The company became a BAR member in 1999.

Photos: In-Excess’ new DAF road train (top); In-Excess’ new Mercedes truck (bottom); the road train can accommodate a tranship van when required.

In-Excess new Mercedes truck