Not paying attention to the naysayers

May 10 | 2022

Starting a new business is never easy, but Invictus Relocation’s founder Fábio Manuel had more than his share of setbacks on the road to success. Here Fábio tells his own story of the challenges he faced and overcame and how misfortune made him stronger.

Fabio Manuel I founded Invictus Relocation Services in 2013, but my story, my journey and my struggle started long before that, even though I only realised it later on in life, when I saw that all the pieces fitted together perfectly.

Before becoming a mover, I had the desire and dream to become a football player. I worked really hard to become a professional player, but about the age of 18, during an official match I had a cardiac episode, later to find I had arrhythmia [an irregular heartbeat] and from that moment on, my life changed completely. I spent three years in and out of hospitals, not sleeping much because I was afraid I was going to die in my sleep.

My dream of becoming a professional footballer was shattered and to me, at that time, it seemed like it was the end of the world. I was angry at the world, I remember that I felt angry all the time, like it was unfair. But after those three years I was hit with the thought that if I was so afraid to continue, I would not be able to live and enjoy life and decided from that moment on that I would stop feeling sorry for myself and get back on track.

During my time in and out of hospital I was also working for a moving company based in Lisbon, as a move coordinator. I also had responsibilities for developing business and attended many conferences, met a tremendous number of people in the moving industry and formed some very good relationships ...

Photo: Fábio Manuel.

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