AltoVita appoints Gabriele Gallotti as Board Observer

Jun 09 | 2022

AltoVita has announced the appointment of Novum Capital Partners’ CEO and Founder, Gabriele Gallotti, as Board Observer.

Gabriele GallottiHe joins the company’s Board of Directors alongside his role as founder of Novum Capital Partners. Prior to founding the company in 2018, he was managing director of JP Morgan.

Gabriele’s appointment comes as Novum backed AltoVita in its recent investment round, and has also committed future investment into the company. AltoVita, founded by Vivi Cahyadi Himmel (CEO) and Karolina Saviova (COO), says that it is building the largest corporate accommodation inventory in the sector and has recently announced expansion into 1,238 cities worldwide. Backing from Novum will help accelerate the growth of the company.

Gabriele Gallotti commented: “AltoVita captured us from the very first moment with its simplicity and sophistication,” said Gabriele. “Yet, our decision to join their journey was not only based on numbers but also the energy of the founders, their passion, tenacity, vision and most importantly the great alignment with Novum’s values. I am both humbled and proud to join the Board to help Vivi and Karolina modernise and dominate the corporate accommodation sector. I am certain it will be a fantastic adventure."

Photo: Gabriele Gallotti.