Shurgard Self-Storage and LEAP24 to build 70 ultra-fast charging stations in the UK

Mar 20 | 2024

Shurgard Self-Storage and LEAP24 have joined forces to implement public fast-charging stations at Shurgard locations in the UK and the Netherlands, with the aim to create emission-free last mile delivery and mobility hubs.

Shurgard LondonShurgard and LEAP24, a provider of ultra-fast charging stations for electric commercial vehicles, signed a strategic partnership agreement on 4 March, 2024. This agreement marks a significant step towards the introduction of ultra-fast charging stations at Shurgard locations in the UK and the Netherlands.

LEAP24 will take responsibility for the design, installation, and maintenance of the ultra-fast charging stations at Shurgard locations. This collaboration combines the expertise of both companies to promote sustainable mobility and meet the growing demand for charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. With this initiative, around 70 Shurgard locations in the UK and the Netherlands will be electrified. In the UK, 24 locations in and around London will mark a definitive breakthrough for LEAP24 in this growing market, while in the Netherlands, the collaboration will result in an increase of 46 fast-charging points.

Pelle Schlichting, Founder of LEAP24, said: "The collaboration between Shurgard and LEAP24 provides a unique boost to the realisation of emission-free mobility hubs. The unique combination of flexible storage and electric charging at perfect locations is a key ingredient for the success of zero-emission zones in many Dutch cities and the development of our network in and around London."

The ultra-fast charging solution will consist of a ‘point’, which is an ultra-fast charging station with two spacious parking spaces and a 240kW dual fast charger that can recharge vehicles to approximately 80% in 30 minutes. Each location is open 24 hours a day, is publicly accessible, and accepts all common charging and bank cards.

Photo: Shurgard Self-Storage London.