Altair Global introduces AI-powered virtual assistant

Mar 26 | 2024

Altair Global has launched a new AI-powered virtual assistant for corporate mobility. The company calls it Ali. Ali uses generative AI to provide instant support to relocating employees. Altair says that this will enhance the personalised experience delivered by the company's consultants.

Meet Ali Altair Global's New AI

Ali, a name created through the fusion of ‘Altair’ and ‘AI’, operates 24/7 through the organisation’s STAR Customer Portal, offering its customers instant answers to basic enquiries about their specific relocation policies and benefits. Equipped with the ability to converse in 95 languages, Ali ensures accessibility and inclusivity for users worldwide for questions such as how to book travel, learn housing options, and understand expense reimbursement processes.

Since its beta lau
nch in mid-February, Ali has swiftly handled more than 600 customer questions, receiving high marks for its performance. Notably, Ali has conducted its early conversations in English, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese, showcasing its versatility and global reach.

"The introduction of AI to the mobility journey marks a significant milestone in our ongoing pursuit of enhancing the customer experience," said Chad Sterling, CEO at Altair Global. "By curating an option for our customers to interact in a personalised manner with a digital medium and have routine questions answered immediately, we have paved the way for our consultants to focus more on what they do best – providing an exceptional relocation experience.”

Ali's features include an intuitive threads-based format, chat history for easy reference, and integration with client-specific information. Consultants have visibility into chats, allowing them to monitor conversations and provide additional expertise as needed. The AI assistant was brought to launch in just 19 weeks since concept, thanks to the cross-functional collaboration across technology, experience management, client solutions, operational excellence, reporting, marketing, legal, and compliance teams.

“I am so proud of the innovative spirit of our team who have obsessively dedicated their lives to Ali for many months and have taken a giant step in introducing AI to the world of relocation and assignment management,” added Sterling.

Photo:  Altair’s new AI-powered virtual assistant, Ali.