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SmartDrive wins 2011 Brake fleet safety product award

Aug 26, 2011
Fleet Safety Product of the Year award has been awarded to SmartDrive.

SmartDrive has won the prestigious Fleet Safety Product of the Year award at the 2011 Brake Fleet Safety Forum ‘Awards for Excellence’ for its advanced in-vehicle video safety programme that improves driver behaviour and reduces collisions.

“We are delighted that Brake, the leading safety advocate in the UK, has recognised SmartDrive Safety for its achievements in working with leading fleets in the UK to improve safety performance. We look at this as another validation of how the innovations in the SmartDrive programme are enabling fleets to better understand their driving risk and improve performance,” said SmartDrive UK Managing Director Steve Cowper.

SmartDrive’s innovative fleet safety programme uses a broad range of video, audio, motion and GPS sensors to detect risky driving manoeuvres, such as sudden stops, hard cornering, aggressive acceleration, and excessive speed. This delivers comprehensive video and vehicle event information used by SmartDrive vehicle safety experts who evaluate these recorded events for more than 50 unsafe driving behaviours.

Fleets across all industries use this insight and analysis to improve safe driving performance and reduce fuel consumption. Moreover, with increasing focus on compliance, fleets now have a better way to identify and reduce risks such as smoking, eating, using handheld mobile phones and non-use of seatbelts resulting in dramatic decreases in collision frequency and crash related expenses.

For more information about SmartDrive vist:

Steve Cowper, UK Managing Director of SmartDrive.

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