A novel way of attracting new business

Aug 22 | 2012

A fantastic collection of number plates for Shires Removals group.

Paul Sweeting is the new 11T man at the Shires Removals Group.

Since 1974 when Paul Sweeting started a small van and man delivery company, delivering items of furniture for Woolworths in Wakefield, he has always been looking for novel ways of attracting new business.

Over the last six months Paul has been very busy visiting DVLA number plate auctions collecting a wide variety of personalised registration numbers for his fleet of removal vehicles.

The ones which first caught his eyes were MOV 11T and MOV 111T, very appropriate for removal vans. These were followed by GET 11T, GET 111 T then TRY 11T, JRY 111T, ERN 11T, and ERN 111T.

Once he had caught the bug he decided to change the whole fleet of removal vehicles to make them ageless. Several other plates were forthcoming some with a more novelty value HAD 11T, JAK 11T, JAP 111T, KAJ 11T, JOG 111T, BOX 111T, and RUN 11T .

Another plate caught his eye for his daughter who is a very important horticulturist, this was POT 11T and was swiftly followed POT 111T. Not to be left out was his youngest daughter Lesley-Anne, who at 30 years of age got a special birthday present of LES30

For Paul, being the Managing Director, it was obvious that he should have OWN 11T and his son, being a co-director, have OWN 111T.

After revamping the fleet and now making them totally ageless he can now look forward to semi retirement and his forthcoming wedding to Lynne in August.  Their wedding car will be Lynne's Mercedes which strangely enough has the number plate  K1SSX.  How appropriate!

The Shires Removal Group is now in safe hands with his son and daughter taking over the reins and still going from strength to strength. Since moving to a new site of 3.5 acres, the company offers over 1,200 storage containers, with 20 various removal vehicles. The site also has full servicing facilities, with a well equipped four- bay garage with service pits and 14 ton ramps and undertakes inspections and servicing for other local transport contractors.

The company has built its own specialised removal vans which are able to carry up to nine storage containers. Since 1989 it has also offered full bodybuilding facilities to other removal companies who require the bespoke service including full renovations, painting, and lettering .