Slovenian DarsGo toll system goes live in April 2018

Mar 25 | 2018

On 1 April, 2018 Slovenia will switch to a new gateless toll system. The system is called DarsGo. Every vehicle above 3.5 tonnes permitted total weight will require a vehicle-specific toll box (OBU) and must be registered for the new toll system. The DARS cards and ABC toll boxes used up to now will no longer be valid.

DKV has announced that its customers can register though its website DKV will register vehicles with the toll operator DARS and ensure they receive the on-board unit sent free to any EU address. A handling fee of ten euros will be charged for each on-board unit. Customers can also collect the on-board units from a local DARS customer service point. DKV recommends customers to register and obtain their OBUs quickly to avoid delivery bottlenecks and long queues when the toll starts.

Photo: DarsGo