Belgian low emission zone sticker scam

May 09 | 2018

Although there are no stickers required in Belgium, one company is allegedly offering a sticker and day passes, at a cost.

According to CLARS (Charging, Low emission and other Access Regulation Schemes), it’s free for foreign vehicles to register with the city of Antwerp for the LEZ. There is no sticker required. charges €19,90 for a sticker that is unnecessary. 

Operators can buy day passes for the Antwerp LEZ if they do not meet the standard. But it is much cheaper from the city than from others.

The company,, offers stickers for many LEZs and, according to CLARS, always charge far more than from official sources. The organisation said that it is usually possible to buy stickers in different languages from official sources.

CLARS and provides all the information vehicle operators need about the many confirmed (planned or in operation) access regulations in Europe.

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