Don’t stop within 150 miles of Calais

May 09 | 2018

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) has registered its concern about reports that two migrants attempting to illegally enter the UK had broken into a lorry three hours from Calais.

It’s thought that the migrants got into the lorry when the driver last took a break in Reims and were discovered at the Channel port by customs officers.

Richard Burnett, RHA Chief ExecutiveThis comes shortly after another British haulier had spoken to the media about the dangers UK-bound truckers face along the coast at Caen. “Despite the millions of pounds UK taxpayers have forked out on security in France, truckers are still running a dangerous gauntlet of migrants desperate to reach the UK,” said RHA Chief Executive, Richard Burnett.

“Lorry drivers are fearful every time they cross the Channel and we advise them not to stop within 150 miles of Calais, it’s clear that this problem is no longer confined to port areas. Traffickers are targeting UK lorries in towns and cities further afield – so if it’s Reims today, where will it be tomorrow?”

Photo: Richard Burnett