More penalties on the way for older HGVs

May 09 | 2018

The UK government announced on 28 March that operators of older trucks will pay an extra 20% towards the HGV Road User Levy from February 2019, while Euro 6 operators will pay 10% less.

According to the Road Haulage Association (RHA) an estimated 56% of UK registered trucks will be hit by the increase.

The Department for Transport claims the move will encourage hauliers to use less polluting vehicles and help improve air quality. RHA Chief Executive, Richard Burnett said, “We’re at a complete loss to understand the government’s latest decision to inflict yet more pain with another tax hike on hauliers.” 

Richard continued to say that despite the huge strides the transport industry has made in adopting cleaner air technologies, the government has made it clear it has no interest in supporting the industry on its journey to an emissions-free future. “Of course, we all want clean air," continued Richard. “What’s needed is a realistic scrappage scheme that supports our industry during this transition, not a penal approach.”

The HGV levy is one element of the UK government’s £3.5 billion programme to clean up the air and reduce emissions, which includes £255 million for councils to improve air quality and a dedicated Clean Air Fund of £220 million for those local areas with the biggest air quality challenges.

More penalties on the way for older HGVs