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Euro 6 conversion for trucks not yet approved - A clarification by Steve Jordan

Dec 04, 2018
In January 2018 The Mover included a report on The Movers and Storers Show which mentioned a presentation from Alan Barnard of Green Urban technologies.

The article, and Mr Barnard’s presentation, gave the impression that the company’s technology could convert older removals vehicles to Euro 6 allowing them free access to the UK’s Clean Air Zones (CAZ).  On further investigation this appears to be only partly true. Alan Barnard of Green Urban Technologies

Our curiosity was piqued by a press release received from the Road Haulage Association (RHA) in which Richard Burnett, the organisation’s chief executive, claimed that “no retrofit option is available for lorries” (see The Mover October 2018, page 32).  By contrast, Green Urban’s website claims: “Our ecoNOxt filter system can convert practically any vehicle to the EURO 6 emissions standard, which will be required for fee-free access to the Ultra Low Emissions Zones and Clean Air Zones.”  So, believing Mr Burnett to be mistaken, we made some enquiries.

In conversation with Alan Barnard and from a statement received from the company’s managing director it appears that Mr Burnett is correct and, although the company’s website statement may be true, it is misleading.

It appears that although the technology exists from Green Urban and other suppliers, it is necessary for it to be tested to ensure that it conforms to DEFRA and Department for Transport requirements. The unit must undergo detailed testing on all engine and vehicle types; this is very expensive and the availability of testing facilities is limited.  The company anticipates this will cost around £1m for testing trucks alone.  So far the units have not been tested on removals vehicles so, although it is possible to fit them now, the vehicles will still incur a financial penalty if they enter a CAZ before the testing is complete. 

Alan Barnard explained that his company will manage the testing process to ensure that it makes the best use of its financial and testing resources.  This means that it will test the unit on the most popular vehicles and engine types first.  He says that he is confident that Green Urban will have the necessary approvals on the most popular vehicles before the imposition of the CAZ in London next Spring.  The company will be working to find out which vehicles are in most common use within the moving industry so that he can prioritise the testing process for maximum benefit to users.    

Photo: Alan Barnard of Green Urban Technologies making his presentation at The Movers and Storers show last year. 


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