IVECO’s new ‘FIT CAB’ aims to boost driver fitness

Jul 24 | 2019

Truck manufacturer IVECO is hoping to encourage truck drivers to keep fit during their rest breaks by introducing a micro in-cab gym to its future generation of trucks.

Iveco Fit Cab

No, it’s not a joke. IVECO unveiled its ‘FIT CAB’ concept vehicle at the global launch of the IVECO WAY range in Madrid on 2 July.

IVECO says FIT CAB takes driver-centricity further with the aim of improving the wellbeing, comfort and performance of the driver, mitigating the consequences of long driving hours. The sporty livery, with a logo inspired by fitness programmes, signals the cab’s additional role as a gym on wheels with devices for improving the driver’s mobility, stability, strength and overall fitness.

Dedicated hooks and anchor points are integrated into the exterior to host specifically designed accessories. The retractable front step can double up as a training tool. The interior of the cab bristles with gym equipment, such as a wall-integrated multi-directional pulley, a roof-integrated folded multi-grip solution, and a functional package that includes resistance bands, sliders and weights. The IVECO FIT CAB is a travelling work and workout companion for the driver.

While drivers working in the moving industry will probably feel they get enough exercise already, those who drive for long hours with little physical activity might welcome this new way of keeping in shape on the move.