Only two weeks to go: consultation on banning tyres aged 10 years and older

Aug 16 | 2019

The Department for Transport’s (DFT) consultation on banning 10-year-old tyres closes on 1 September, so there's only around two weeks left to have your say.

Consultation regarding the use of tyres that are more than ten years old.

The DfT is considering introducing regulations that ban the use of tyres aged 10 years and older on:

  • heavy goods vehicles;
  • heavy trailers;
  • buses, coaches and minibuses.

The consultation follows a campaign by Frances Molloy, whose son Michael died in a coach crash caused by a 19-year-old tyre in 2012. Her work with the ‘Tyred’ campaign led to the consultation being launched.

Find out more about the proposals and give your views on the consultation.