Matthew James Goes Hybrid

Aug 31 | 2019

Matthew James Global Relocations has taken delivery of a Scania Hybrid P320. The company claims the pre-production Scania is the first to be used in the UK. The vehicle is currently being fitted with a four-container body at SBR in Preston and is expected to be completed within the next few weeks.

Matthew James goes hybridMatthew James Managing Director Matt De-Machen said, “We have always been ahead of the game and we were so excited to become the first owners in the UK of one of these amazing Hybrid Scania’s. We have never held back on building some of the finest trucks seen on the roads of Europe and this truck will clearly demonstrate just that. We can’t wait to take delivery of the completed product from SBR.”

The Scania P320 will mainly be used in central London where it will of course be exempt from the ULEZ and LEZ charges.  “The truck’s batteries will be fully charged during the run along the M25 from our depot in Dartford to London and we’ll run on electrical power only when we get there,” said Matt.  “The Scania’s short-wheelbase chassis and rear-wheel steering will make deliveries much easier in London’s crowded and often narrow streets.”

Scania has not yet released official fuel consumption figures for the P320 but Matt is confident that the running costs will be much lower than his conventionally powered trucks.

Although not yet confirmed, Matt is hoping to show the new Scania at the UK’s Movers & Storers Show in November. 

Photo: Mark Crawford, Scania Maidstone Manager hands over the keys to Matt De-Machen