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No-deal truck tariffs will hit operators hard

Oct 17, 2019
Both the Road Haulage Association (RHA) and the Freight Transport Association (FTA) have reacted angrily to the UK government’s announcement that a 16% tariff will be imposed on new HGVs following a no-deal Brexit.

The RHA pointed out that it is effectively an increase on the price of new trucks of 16% in real terms, at a time when hauliers can ill-afford an increase in their costs.

RHA Chief Executive, Richard Burnett said, “The original proposal of a 22% tariff on HGVs coming in from the EU was unbelievable. A 16% tariff will still be crippling and will severely damage the lives and livelihoods of those responsible for operating the very industry that keeps the UK fit to live in.”

“Government is already forcing hauliers to upgrade their vehicles halfway through their working lifecycle to meet new clean air rules. These tariffs will see consumers facing higher prices in the shops as operators’ margins are squeezed even tighter.”

Meanwhile the FTA is calling for the compete abolition of tariffs on new HGVs. FTA’s Deputy CEO James Hookham said, "We are pleased to see our calls to remove the very high proposed tariffs have been listened to, but this move is not enough. There should be no additional financial penalty on buying new vehicles at a time when vehicle operators are under massive pressure to use newer cleaner vehicles. Operators need incentives to replace trucks quicker not penalties to hinder their purchase.”

Photo: Left - Richard Burnett, RHA; Right - James Hookham, FTA
Left - Richard Burnett, RHA; Right - James Hookham, FTA.

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