FTA’s Van Excellence scheme celebrates another successful year

Jan 10 | 2020

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) said 2019 was another successful year for Van Excellence with a further 91 companies achieving accreditation.

Chris Lipscomb FTA Tens of thousands of vans on the UK’s roads are now being operated to the highest standards of safety, compliance and efficiency, thanks to the work undertaken by the members of the voluntary scheme administered by FTA and sponsored by Mercedes-Benz Vans. 

The Van Excellence Operator programme provides businesses with the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to safer, more efficient and sustainable van fleets by passing a series of compliance tests. The scheme is available to all van operators from a single vehicle to a large fleet.

Chris Lipscomb, Director of Operations at FTA said, “Van Excellence was launched in 2010 with the aim of professionalising van driving; nearly ten years later, it is fair to say its members have made great strides in improving the operational standards of the sector. With 91 companies achieving Operator Accreditation this year alone, we are extremely proud of Van Excellence; it remains the only industry group responsible for maintaining and championing the very highest standards of compliance across the van market.” 

In autumn 2019, FTA launched a dedicated Vans Policy Working Group. The group, comprised of 41 leaders within the sector, provides a vital mouthpiece for the industry with government, regulators and other stakeholders and a platform to communicate and debate the issues the market is facing. 

FTA’s vans programme also includes Operational Briefings, held annually across the country to boost knowledge and expertise for van operators, and the prestigious Van Driver of the Year award. 

Photo: Chris Lipscomb