EVBox and has·to·be form partnership

Apr 08 | 2020

Leading global manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, EVBox, has announced a new partnership with the eMobility platform provider has·to·be. The move will enable both EVBox and has·to·be cardholders to access their charging networks throughout Europe.

EVBox’s charging stations have integrated Open Charge Point Interface protocol (OCPI) standards so they can communicate with various charging station management systems (CSMS). Since September 2019, has·to·be has also been using OCPI which enables EVBox cardholders to charge at one of has·to·be's COMMUNITY 8,000 charging points located throughout Europe.

Cecile Post, Business Developer of eMobility Solutions at EVBox said, “We at EVBox are on a mission toward a zero-emission future and are constantly onboarding new partners to join us on this journey. We are happy to announce that this partnership with has·to·be gives EV drivers with an EVBox charging card access to 8,000 charging points in has·to·be’s network throughout 19 different European countries. Moreover, MSP customers of has·to·be will get access to over 20,000 public EVBox charging points in Europe. This way, we hope to move eMobility forward and encourage more people to start driving electric.”