Scania 540 S wins in comparative press tests ​

Feb 23 | 2021

Last October, Scania participated in two comparison tests organised in Germany by European trade magazines. The results for the 1000 Punkte Test (1000 Point Test) and European Truck Challenge (ETC) have now been published with Scania´s 540 S tractor taking first place over its competitors.

The Scania 540 SThe 1000 Point and ETC tests are among the most established comparison tests for commercial heavy trucks in the world. Cab-related qualities like the driver environment, sleeping comfort and noise levels are assessed, as well as other aspects such as road handling, gear shifting and serviceability. The trucks are also driven more than 300 km on different types of public roads and equipped with calibrated­ fuel-measurement equipment to confirm the true fuel consumption with the highest accuracy. Every aspect is then given a score that adds to each truck’s final result.

 Senior Vice President and Head of Scania Trucks Stefan Dorski said, “Winning these comparison tests is yet another point of proof for Scania’s industry-leading position. When independent and experienced journalists assess all the relevant aspects of our products with scientific methods and compare them with our peers, the results tell a story that is highly relevant for potential truck buyers.”

Photo: Scania’s 540 S