95% of HGVs comply with London LEZ standards

Oct 21 | 2021

A new report published on 4 October, 2021 by the London Mayor’s office claims that 95% of heavy goods vehicles in London now meet the strict Low Emission Zone (LEZ) standards introduced by Mayor Sadiq Khan, helping to clean up the capital’s toxic air and improve the health of Londoners. This figure has increased from 87% in 2017.

Sadiq KhanThe LEZ covers most of Greater London and operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year. They help drive down NOx emissions from heavy vehicles by as much as 60% with the aim of helping London meet legal limits no later than 2025.

The scheme complements the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). On 25 October the ULEZ expanded up to, but not including, the North and South Circular Road. As part of the Mayor’s wide-ranging programme to improve London’s air quality, the Low Emission Zone standards were tightened to align with the ULEZ and encourage operators of the most polluting heavy diesel vehicles driving in the capital to switch to cleaner vehicles.

The LEZ also has significant benefits outside of London, with independent analysis by the Environmental Defence Fund showing vehicles that passed through London’s Low Emission Zone went on to drive through 95% of the major towns and cities in England and Wales, bringing air quality benefits to a combined population of 18 million people.

Photo: Sadiq Khan.