Graham Horsler – 30 years a Gerson Person

Jan 22 | 2016

On 21 October, 2015 Graham Horsler of Gerson Relocation Ltd achieved a milestone, having completed 30 years' continuous service with the company.

During that time his role has developed and he has seen many changes both inside and outside the business.  

When Graham started with Michael Gerson Ltd - as the company was then called - in October 1985 he was tasked with promoting the company`s storage business as a surveyor,  salesman, and move co-ordinator. This proved to be a big success as the UK housing market was booming in the mid 1980s creating demand at a time when storage space was limited and therefore market fees were high. Such was the success that it became a regular occurrence for the Gerson’s yard to be full of trucks from local domestic movers loading in and out of storage and others queuing to get in.  As the bubble burst in the later part of the decade and self storage developed in the UK,  Graham turned his hand to developing the company`s trade shipping services, increasing the turnover six-fold in three years.  

Over the years Graham has worked on a diverse range of activities, enjoying success with managing a refurbishment supply project for the Marriott Hotel in Paris and securing the moves and storage from a 60-apartment block in North London that had been affected by a major fire. More recently Graham was able to secure a large number of moves for a project to Brunei, which became Gerson’s second largest destination at the time.  

Outside of the company Graham has enjoyed further achievements. He was one of the original UK co-founders of the Young Movers organisation, which has gone on to become a major event in the European moving industry calendar. In 1998 he became one of the youngest people to be honoured by the UK moving industry with the rare award of a Fellowship for his services. In 2011 he attended the FIDI Academy in Brussels and was honoured to be named ‘Top Student’.  

Graham has been married to Sandra for over 30 years with three adult children, five grandchildren and a sixth on the way. Until recently he was a semi professional soccer referee and was in the top 6% of referees of his categorisation in England. He also enjoys getting away from it all with outdoor pursuits such as hiking and canoeing and travelling the world when he can. As Niall Mackay, Managing Director of Gerson Relocation commented when announcing Graham’s 30th anniversary at a company staff meeting, “With Graham being so young at heart, I am really looking forward to what the next 30 years brings for him.” 


Photo: Niall Mackay with Graham Horsler