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Britain’s youngest HGV driver?

Jun 13, 2016
Is Harry Jones of ATR Removals in Bracknell the youngest HGV driver in the UK? Quite possibly.

Harry recently passed his Class 2 HGV after training at the HGV School in Aldermaston. He is just 18 years old. Proud dad, Simon Jones, told The Mover that after Harry passed his car driving test he managed to get insurance for him on the company’s Luton vans. “I thought I would struggle to get him truck insurance. I rang Mastercover who I have been insured with for many years. After long discussions they were prepared to insure him on our 7.5 tonne straight away and if he goes accident free they will look at adding him to the 14 tonner in six month’s time.” Simon also wishes to thank Basil Fry insurance who were very helpful and said they would cover Harry straight away on both trucks: “But the premium was out of my range unfortunately,” he said.

Isn’t it great to see young people do well! What’s more, it’s very comforting to hear of two insurance companies doing all they can to say ‘yes’ and giving him a fair chance to prove himself. If only that attitude were reflected more widely with business in general.

The Mover wishes Harry well in his new career. Is he the youngest HGV driver in the business, or even in the UK? We think he might be. Do you know better?

Photo: Harry Jones

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