Peter Weltenius back in the business

Dec 28 | 2016

Peter Weltenius has been out of the moving scene for a short while, but now he’s back and looking to work with a mobility organisation, preferably in a client relationship role

Peter sold his business, Expect Move, to AGS in September 2013 and stayed with the company, providing a smooth handover, until December 2014. He then entered a two-year period in which he was not allowed to work in the moving industry.

Now he’s back. He doesn’t want to run his own business again. “The industry has changed so much and it’s difficult to see what will happen in the future,” he said. Peter’s former business provided a regular groupage service to Scandinavia for the trade and was heavily committed to the corporate market.

Ideally Peter is looking to join an established company in which he can use his experience to help grow the business and its services. He has only two absolute requirements: he doesn’t want to be bound to a desk five days a week; and he must be able to get back to the UK every two weeks or so to maintain his relationship with his son. “But that could be more or less anywhere in western Europe,” he said.

If you think Peter could help your company, contact him on or by phone on +44 7881 920104

Photo: Peter Weltenius