Arpin Group hires Jerry Munoz as regulatory compliance manager

Mar 06 | 2017

Arpin Group has hired Jerry Munoz as regulatory compliance manager. In his role, Jerry will be responsible for planning, implementing, managing and facilitating Arpin’s regulatory compliance programme for both domestic and international employees, agents and other supply chain partners.

“Jerry joins us from the highly-regulated financial services industry where compliance was a major part of everyday corporate culture,” said Marco Uriati, Chief Legal Officer and COO of Arpin Group. “He has an extensive background in IT and finance, which combined with many years of project management experience at Textron, provides a solid foundation for managing the development and implementation of Arpin’s new compliance education, training and monitoring programmes. We are thrilled to have him on our team.”

From a global standpoint, anti-bribery, corruption and data security are among the most important compliance-related topics in the international marketplace.

“Nobody within our industry is immune to these risks, and the penalties and fees for non-compliance can be severe,” said Jerry Munoz. “It is my job to manage and eliminate these risks and keep Arpin compliant with all applicable regulations. As foreign governments across the globe continue to adopt new anti-bribery and corruption regulations, the Arpin management team has made a renewed commitment and investment to our compliance programme and will continue to make this a top priority. It is my belief that Arpin will stay ahead of the compliance curve and by doing so, we will continue to differentiate ourselves from the competition. We recognize this and so do our closest partners.”

In September, Arpin formed a new division dedicated to managing all aspects of the company’s global regulatory compliance programme, reporting directly to Marco Uriati. The division’s mission is to ensure that all Arpin supply chain partners are properly vetted and monitored to mitigate risk and ensure compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements. Arpin Group contracted Dow Jones Risk and Compliance to enhance its anti-bribery, anti-corruption and third-party due diligence compliance screening and monitoring programme as the international household goods mover grows its global supply chain.

Photo: Jerry Munoz