Jeff Mason moves back to moving

May 04 | 2017

Well some might say he never left it, but Jeff Mason, who has spent the last few years representing Moveware in the UK, has moved home and teamed up with Conroys to be the company’s general manager in Australia.

Jeff has spent all his working life in the moving industry but, some time ago, felt like a change.  “I wanted to spend time away from the industry and at the same time stay connected with it in some way,” he explained.  “Moveware fitted this criteria and importantly was a real challenge I enjoyed – great people and a very impressive product.”  

When he left London his intention was to retire and, maybe, do some part-time work.  “But David Conroy and I had a number of conversations where he outlined a role he felt would be a good fit for me within the business.  I’ve known David for many years, having first visited their Napier, New Zealand, facility in 1988, and have been impressed with their growth as they have extended their coverage in both NZ and Australia and at the same time maintained a quality service.”  

Jeff said Conroy’s use of technology to help manage their business (yes the company does use Moveware), and a strong focus on operations and service delivery, have been the driving factors to date.  “With a strong core business my role as general manager for Australia is to embrace and build on the current culture while working towards a more sales-driven business.”    

David Conroy is obviously delighted that Jeff has joined the company. “Jeff is a true professional of the industry and the opportunity for him to be a member of our executive team, with his many years of expertise and enthusiasm, is really exciting for us all.”

Photo:  Jeff Mason (left) and David Conroy