Bishop’s Move employees complete over 25-years’ service

Dec 21 | 2017

Bishop’s Move would like to acknowledge the outstanding commitment of two long-serving members of staff, Mark Allan, (London International) and Brian Ward (Oxford branch). Mark has completed 30 years’ continued service and Brian, 25 years with the company.

Mark joined Bishop’s Move as a porter at the Leatherhead branch and now, as international warehouse manager, is based at Head Office in Surbiton, Surrey. Brian Ward has always worked at the Oxford branch. He actually joined in the early 1980s but left the company for a year before returning to Oxford. Twenty-five years later he remains Oxford’s general foreman.

Al Bingle, Bishop’s Move’s Managing Director said, “We would like to thank both Mark and Brian for their dedication and loyalty to the company and wish them both continued success for the future.”

Photo: Mark Allan