Chris Welsh MBE retires from the Freight Transport Association

Jun 17 | 2018

After 36 years' dedicated service, Chris Welsh MBE retired from the Freight Transport Association (FTA) as its director of global and European policy at the end of May 2018. Chris took part in a FIDI panel discussion about GVM regulations in Geneva in 2016.

Chris Welsh MBEChris spent his career at FTA defending and advancing the interests of importers and exporters (shippers) in their dealings with the world's shipping lines and airlines. Through his work with the British Shippers' Council, Chris provided an effective voice for the customer in these markets and succeeded in making it easier for FTA members to import and export goods by sea and by air.  He was awarded the MBE in 2015 in recognition of his achievements.

Earlier in his career, Chris helped establish FTA's Brussels office in 1995 and served as the secretary general of the European Shippers' Council from 1996 to 2002.  In addition to his FTA duties as director of global and European policy, he was also the secretary general of the Global Shippers' Forum (GSF) that provides a platform for shippers' views to be heard by the global regulatory bodies.  The GSF's annual meeting in Melbourne on May 8-11 marked Chris's final commitment to the organisation that he ran since its formation in 2011.

With the agreement of the Board of the Global Shippers' Forum, FTA's Deputy Chief Executive James Hookham took over responsibilities for running the GSF from 1 June, 2018.  James will also take direct responsibility for the global and European policy team at FTA.

David Wells, FTA's Chief Executive, said, "Chris Welsh has been a tireless advocate for the needs and interests of businesses, managing sea freight and air cargo contracts for over 30 years, and I thank him for advancing FTA members' interests in these modes of transport.  His award of an MBE in 2015 recognises the contribution he has made to keeping British, European and global supply chains safe, competitive and sustainable.  I am grateful for the service he has given to FTA over a long and successful career and wish him an active and happy retirement."

Photo: Chris Welsh MBE