Remembering Peter Naylor

Oct 02 | 2018

Peter Naylor, best known for his leadership of Tippet-Richardson in Canada, died on Thursday, 16 August resulting from complications from having suffered a stroke the previous week. The Naylor family has been a respected thread of Tippet-Richardson since 1927.

Remembering Peter Naylor

Peter has held a number of industry positions and was an avid supporter of industry partners as the company has been consistent members of FIDIBARPMALACMA and, until recently, OMNI.  Peter, and his wife Delores, spent many years together travelling for business and reconnecting with friends and colleagues all over the world.  This was one of Peter’s fondest memories of the relocation industry.

Ron Waddling, Director International Agent Relations for Tippet-Richardson had worked with Peter for many years.   “Peter Naylor and I have known each other since 1973, not only through business but as fellow Rotarians and as friends,” he said.  “Although he often flew under the radar with his generosity to charitable needs, he remained active providing financial and hands-on support up to his final days. I believe his compassion for others filtered into his relationship with business colleagues around the world. He never lost interest in them and continued to seek updates on the well being of contemporaries from me at every opportunity. He lived a full life.”

Paul Evans, Chairman of EMG Group in London said that Peter was a lovely guy. “Old school, honest and straight,” he said.  “I liked both him and his wife Delores.  They made a substantial contribution to the FIDI/Bertram’s project in which I was also involved. He was a thoughtful and fair man and a good stalwart and moral compass for the industry.”

Laura Wegener from Stuttaford Van Lines met Peter Naylor when she first entered the moving industry.  “I first met Mr Naylor in about 1983 at a BAR meeting in Harrogate, when I was but a lass.  He was very kind. I didn’t have much contact with him until later years, however he was always a man of stature in my mind. Later when I learned to know him better, I discovered he was a very conscientious humanitarian, great company, self-effacing, with a wry sense of humour and a really engaging personality.”

Ian Palmer, Chief Executive of White and Company in the UK, said that Pater was a very interesting man. “He visited me in London when we were building a new warehouse,” he said.  “The site was cleared and ready to go. Having looked at the plans Peter pointed out that if we moved a door we could get another 100 or so containers in.  I plagiarised his idea without shame or remorse and got a financial ‘pat on the back’ for my diligence. It’s OK, I did tell him!”

Gary Burke, Director of Burke Bros Moving Group said that to him, Peter was Mr Canada.  “Another one of the great personalities has moved on from our industry,” he said. “A very thorough and well-liked man. He always had great staff who were 100% behind him and he believed in doing everything right.”

Peter Naylor In retirement Peter continued generous philanthropic work, at times using wide-ranging procedures he had developed for his company (read more here).  He will be truly missed by employees, long-term clients, domestic and international contemporaries, friends and family.

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