CHOK-A-BLOK™: “Strap it, Secure it, Ship it”

Jun 03 | 2011

Packer Products has introduced a new product designed to prolong the life of webbing and protect cargo from damage caused by webbing.

CHOK-A-BLOK™ is a tough polypropylene webbing guard, product protector and anti-wear sleeve that can follow the contours of any load, flexing and bending to help maintain exceptional security, ideal for transporting cargo in lorries and trucks.

CHOK-A-BLOK™ has a Plastazote foam backing which not only protects the webbing from sharp edges but also the cargo itself from damage caused by the webbing. The Plastazote material is made from cross-linked polypropylene foam and is pure and inert from chemicals and toxins, as well as being resistant to moisture, oils and UV Light. These features help to eliminate damage to finished surfaces.

The CHOK-A-BLOK™ is quick and easy to attach to webbing and its lightweight properties ensure that it stays in place whilst the web is positioned. Once on, it can be slid along the web strap to the points of contact as necessary.

Additional units can be added to extend the area of coverage and to enable maximum security of the load.

As tension is applied to the web the unit will flex and the webbing will easily slip through the sleeve.

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CHOK-A-BLOK™ webbing guard in use