SmartDrive in-cab video launch at Brake fleet safety conference

Jun 07 | 2011

An in-cab video safety system is now available from SmartDrive.

SmartDrive, a company that provides in-cab cameras for commercial vehicles, launched its in-cab video safety system at the annual Fleet Safety Forum conference organised by the road safety charity Brake.

The “Best of the Best” conference took place on 3 March, 2011 at the National Motor Cycle Museum, Birmingham. The conference gave fleet managers the opportunity to hear detailed case studies from fleet safety managers and suppliers who have won Fleet Safety Forum Awards for best practice.

The system makes it easy for companies to improve driving behaviour and eliminate non-compliance and risks such as smoking, eating, using hand-held mobile phones and non-use of seatbelts. For example, one company (a fresh food distributor) wanted to reduce the collision rate among its 235 drivers. It uses the SmartDrive system cameras to record exactly what happened during the 15 seconds before and after an incident, giving fleet managers a detailed view of what led up to an event, and how to avoid it happening again.  Since installing the system, the company has seen a 61% decrease in the number of collisions, and weekly minor damage costs have decreased by 50%. The company has also reduced their annual insurance costs by over £250,000 and these costs continue to decrease. This represents a better than 4-to-1 return on the company’s investment in the SmartDrive Safety System.

SmartDrive is also working with customers to help prevent their commercial vehicle drivers from being targeted by criminals who deliberately cause collisions. This so-called crash for cash is used by fraudsters to make illegal claims against companies for personal injuries and vehicle damage. This is not only dangerous but is pushing up the cost of motor insurance. SmartDrive technology is helping to contest such claims successfully and bring the fraudsters to justice.

At the forefront of road safety research, SmartDrive gathers conclusive evidence proving that distracted drivers using mobile phones or other in-vehicle gadgets are more likely to be involved in a road traffic incident, either a full collision or a near miss. Its research also shows that eating, drinking or smoking while driving should be avoided so that drivers can concentrate fully on the road ahead. The SmartDrive Distracted Driver research uses the world’s largest database of risky driving incidents. So far more than 34 million incidents have been recorded on in-vehicle video cameras by the SmartDrive Safety programme in the UK and USA.

SmartDrive in-cab video

The SmartDrive in-cab video