New environmental footprint calculator from Volvo

Nov 25 | 2011

Volvo Trucks updated web service Environmental Footprint Calculator helps customers become more eco-conscious.

It is no secret that truck transports use fuel, but with relatively modest means fuel consumption and thus emissions can be considerably reduced. Volvo Trucks updated web service Environmental Footprint Calculator helps customers become more eco-conscious. The upgraded tool also offers tips for reducing truck emissions.

The Environmental Footprint Calculator is a new, more user friendly version of the web application Volvo Trucks unveiled back in 2001. Among the tool's new features are the possibility of comparing your specific truck's environmental impact with Volvo Trucks' newly launched models, The Volvo FH16 750 hp, Volvo FM MethaneDiesel and Volvo FE Hybrid.

The calculator also makes it possible to evaluate the environmental benefits of using alternative fuels instead of fossil fuels. What is more, customers can now examine entire truck fleets and compare three different trucks' environmental footprints - features that were not available previously.

"The transport industry is under increasing pressure to work actively to reduce emissions and lower energy consumption," said Lars Mårtensson, Director Environmental Affairs at Volvo Trucks. "To generate added interest and help even more actors in the transport industry meet environmental targets and customer demands, we have made the Environmental Footprint Calculator even more user-friendly for our customers".

The tool is the result of highly detailed data compilation regarding truck emissions throughout their lifecycle: from production to scrapping. The data includes parameters such as the calculation of environmental impact from materials, fuels, exhaust emissions and maintenance. The analysis can be used to compare different truck models, or to examine different ways of reducing a truck's environmental imprint.

The new tool not only helps customers identify their current eco-footprint; it also offers them practical tips for cutting their climate impact.   "By training drivers in economical driving, ensuring correct wheel alignment or making sure that tyres have the correct pressure, you can significantly reduce emissions even for existing vehicles. Correct wheel alignment and tyre choice, for instance, can cut fuel consumption by more than 10 percent. So you don't necessarily have to buy a new truck with a more energy-efficient engine - there are many measures you can take to support more sustainable development," explained Mårtensson.