Keep warm this winter

Nov 28 | 2011

You wouldn’t go to work in only your ‘Fourth Layer’, but it would be far warmer than most work clothes.

Each winter the warehousing and distribution sector suffers from cold working conditions and the resulting reduced staff performance.  Thermal underclothes are available but they quickly become dripping with perspiration, smelly and uncomfortable.

The Fourth Layer is a three-piece range of lightweight thermal undergarments with a big difference.  They are designed to provide comfort to employees exposed to cold. 

Called the Fourth Layer because we have three layers of skin and these products are a skin hugging fourth layer; the range has thermal long johns, a Hi-Low long sleeved roll-neck shirt incorporating half-gloves and a crew-neck T-Shirt.

There are male and female ranges in black, white or steel grey and all products are perfect for those working in cold conditions, outdoors in winter or partially exposed to the cold such as delivery personnel.

Unlike traditional thermal products, this range is made of 65% Polyester and 35% Viscose because wool and cotton are natural products and absorb perspiration.   This 100% synthetic mix absorbs no moisture, so dampness is moved away from the body and evaporated later by the body temperature, making the garments comfortable to wear for long periods.  The makers also claim that the material eliminates bacteria growth that makes garments smelly.

Prices are subject to quantity but single items start at only £10-£13.

Full information and order forms are available at: