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Surface protection for carpets and flooring

Mar 05, 2012
By Ian McQueen, of Varotapes. Watch your step - there are a confusing larger number of carpet protection film products available.

Carpet protection film is a temporary product which can be used by removal companies to protect the carpets  when moving customers into their  new homes, and  to my mind if you have spent the money on a removal company  the chances are you have good quality carpets. 


So I reckon that removal companies need to ensure they are buying a good quality carpet protection product.  However,  if you type into a popular search engine the words  “carpet protection film”, you will see page after page  of companies offering you dozens of different products, all claiming to be the one for the job.

Most of the companies offering you carpet protection film that you see offered on the net do not actually tell you whose product they are promoting.  Surface protection films today come from mainland Europe, American and even further away in the Far East. Some even offer you a printed version with their company name on, more of which later.

I have been in this industry nearly 30 years, and the rise in companies who now sell carpet protection films has grown tremendously. I see people who offer carpet film today and have very little knowledge about the technical background of the product they are selling.   It is quite a tricky business getting the adhesive right so it isn’t left on the carpet when you are ready to remove it.

The performance demands of a carpet protection film is very high, and  if the correct product  is not chosen it can cause severe problems, additional costs, extra work and loss of credibility to your business. Why then do the suppliers on the net not tell the customer whose product he is buying, the technical facilities behind it, and where it came from?  Why the secret?

Try asking the seller for the ISO certificate of the manufacturer, the technical data sheet, and see what answer you get.  

Branding. Yes, you can buy a number of carpet protection films printed with a company name. But it’s not your company name or the factory that manufactured it, so what additional help does that offer? However, you still do not know who made it and where it is actually from.  Any reputable carpet protection film manufacturer will offer transparent unbranded products with traceable batch numbers and the product reference number (usually inside the core of the roll) which if not removed by the seller, can give the manufacturer all the information should he need to investigate any problems.

Some resellers may buy from more than one manufacturer, so what you bought last month, may not be the same as you buy next month, somewhat dangerous when the worst consequence can be adhesive left all over the carpet.

If you wish to promote a name why not choose your own; it is easily available now to larger users and merchants who buy direct from the manufacturer and want to offer protection films as part of their product portfolio.

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