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New reach truck range from Jungheinrich

Jun 25, 2013
Jungheinrich has announced the launch of a new addition to its best-selling range of sit-on reach trucks. The new model – the ETV 318 – has a capacity of 1,800kg and can lift a 1,000kg load up to 11.5 metres.

The ETV 318 comes with a choice of configuration packages which allow the truck to be tailored to each user’s precise needs before it leaves the factory.


For instance, if the user’s application involves frequent lower level pallet movements with longer travel times between stops, the truck can be set-up to offer faster travel speed. Alternatively, if the user demands higher mast movements with shorter journeys between picks or pallet put-away, the ETV 318 can be configured with higher mast lifting speeds.


The ETV 318 features the latest generation AC technology which offers exceptionally high performance and reduces operating costs to a minimum.  A fully sealed electronic controller and custom-designed onboard software specifically tailored for fork lift truck use helps to increase the truck’s reliability and energy efficiency.


To further reduce energy usage – and therefore truck running costs – the ETV 318 has both regenerative braking and regenerative mast lowering features (at high lift heights). Every time operators brake or lower the forks, the ETV 318’s advanced AC technology reclaims the excess energy and uses it to charge the battery.


Jonathan Morris, Sales Director of Jungheinrich UK Ltd, commented: “Jungheinrich developed its first reach truck over 50 years ago and since then the company has gone on to set new standards in reach truck design. No fork lift truck manufacturer sells more sit-on reach trucks globally than Jungheinrich and the ETV 318 is an exciting upgrade of the world’s best-selling sit on reach truck range.”


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